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We are an independent nursery store offering a friendly service with experienced, impartial advice.
The store offers:
The award winning Carriwell Lingerie and Maternity Products which can be fitted by a trained bra-fitter and / or physiotherapist.
A large range of Washable Nappies and accessories.
Baby products including; Organic toiletries, potty training products, bathtime accessories, Change Bags, slings, wraps and many other accessories.

All the products have been tested by experienced users, they have been described in detail and the information we give you will be our unbiased opinion of the products





There are also some great offers on the following Nappies:

Nature Babies Stuffable Nappies from £8.00 - Last few left

Apple Cheeks Stuffable Nappies - Buy 1 get 2nd half price

Little Comfort Birth-to-Potty Bamboo Nappy - £7.75


Malvern Baby Latte Group
Evergreen Childrens Centre 11:00 - 12:30
Bra-fitting at this popular breastfeeding support group - Next Date 1st August

Evergreen Childrens Centre

Supporting Forever Angels Orphanage Over the years we have supported Forever Angels Orphanage in Tanzania by sending them used nappies, wraps and liners.

This Orphanage has changed the lives of so many abandoned and orphaned children and babies in Tanzania. We always love receiving their newsletter and wanted to share the latest

We stock the Carriwell range of maternity lingerie and will shortly be introducing the Emma-Jane range.

The Carriwell range of bras, briefs and maternity products are soft and comfortable. Their innovative design offers great support from supportive bras to bump and back support.

New products from Carriwell include the Seamless Nursing Cami and the Drop Cup Bra in Burgundy

To Carriwell Bras
Stocking the award winning Tots Bots Stretchy Bamboozle. Winning gold in the Best Re-Useable Nappy at the Mother and Baby Awards, the stretchy bamboozle is as absorbent as the original bamboozle but dries a lot quicker. It is available in 2 sizes and the size 2 is a great birth-to-potty nappy with a velcro fastening.

To Tots Bots


African mothers see baby strollers as abhorrent fad / Tradition of carrying children upheld; 'they can't sit like lumps'

Read more: Here

Across Africa, women can be seen carrying sleeping or sometimes giggly babies on their backs, swathed in cloth. The babies move to the sway of their mothers' hips, synchronized throughout the day, bending with them as they collect water or sweep the floor and rising again when the women stop to rest. They hang on as their mothers sell food in the market or pray at a church or mosque.

The introduction of strollers and baby carriages, both known here by the British word "pram," horrifies traditionalists, even someone such as Wambui, who sells them. The stroller is appearing in major cities around Africa, but so far it has not been a hit.


We often attend BAMBINO BABES walking group on Mondays from 10:30am. The walking group leaves Lickey Hills Visitor Centre and walks last for about 1hr.
We can demonstrate various slings and it is possible for you to borrow them on the walk."


Unfortunately we have had to add a postage charge to all orders. The charge covers first class postage. POSTAGE ON ALL ORDERS OVER £50 IS FREE OF CHARGE TO ANYWHERE IN THE UK.
POSTAGE ON ORDERS OVER £150 IS FREE OF CHARGE TO ANYWHERE IN EUROPE INCLUDING SOUTHERN IRELAND. (The postage for smaller orders is calculated before despatch and often the charge is minimal. Please enquire for more details)


We are now delivering orders to countries within Europe.
Carriage on orders over £150 is free of charge.
For orders under this value carriage will be charged at cost price.
You will always be informed of the carriage charge before your card is charged.
If you feel the charge is not acceptable you can cancel your order.
As a guide carriage on a packet under 500g is £3.50.


You can order everything you need on-line. If you have any queries about the products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are buying nappies for the first time washing and using instructions will be included in the order Free Of Charge.

We are happy to ship to anywhere in the UK and we are now shipping to Europe.

If you need any help or advice on anything you have purchased, please do not hesitate to contact us on admin@realnappiness.co.uk or 07973 548119


If you live in the Worcestershire and Birmingham South area, we are able to offer a free demonstration of Real Nappies.
We will demonstrate and give you information on all the washable nappies in the comfort of your own home. It is a great chance to look at, and feel the nappies and try them out on a doll. (If you have a baby, it is possible to try the nappies on over a disposable nappy).
You can also arrange to visit us for a demonstration, again you can view the nappies in your own time over a cup of coffee.
Arranging a demonstration is easy, simply call or e-mail, we can work around you even if you only have time at weekends and evenings.
Often a group of parents will get together to organise a demonstration for a coffee morning or night in.


This site intends to be unbiased, we have not simply copied the manufacturers information about their products but will give you honest information about the different nappies, wraps, accessories and products on the site.

We have trialled all the products on the site, and we believe in everything that is offered here. Many other makes of nappies have been extensively tested by Real Nappiness, and if they haven't worked then they will not be listed here.

Enjoy browsing the site and learning about everything that is on offer to The Real Nappy and Organic Baby Product User

See The Events section for our next nappaccinos and the Baby Shows we will be attending.

Best Selling Items

Maternity Bra

Maternity Bra


The Carriwell Maternity Bra is designed to give support and preserve shape.
Soft, smooth fit.
Innovative side panels allow for growth.
Supportive X back.
Invisible design.
Material: Micro fibre; 91% Polyamide, 9% Elastane.

If you order a bra on line and it does not fit, please return for a different size or refund
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Flushable Ultra-Biodegradable paper liner roll 100

Flushable Ultra-Biodegradable paper liner roll 100


Biodegradable flushable liners.
Ideal for weaned babies to catch 'solid poo'.
Clean, wet liners will go through the washing machine at least once.
These liners can also be doubled up as wipes when wet.
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Lanowool Breastfeeding Pads

Lanowool Breastfeeding Pads


Lanowool® breastfeeding pads are made of specially processed fine merino wool.
The Lanowool® pads are treated with a highly purified lanolin, creating the optimal environment for breast care prior to birth and during nursing. Benefits include:
Soft and comfortable, will not stick to sore nipples
Treated with a highly purified lanolin to provide excellent healing and nipple conditions
Keeps breasts at a constant body temperature which helps milk flow
Breathable; moving moisture away from your body
Can be used for the entire breastfeeding period
Can also be used for nipple sensitive women
Available in 2 sizes for extra protection
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Motherease one size organic cotton

Motherease one size organic cotton


8 - 35lbs
100% organic cotton terry nappy that grows with your baby.
Less absorbent than the Sandys but you can buy snap in boosters to increase the absorbency.
You will need a liner and wrap with these nappies.
Available in natural only.
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Organic Cotton 40 x 40 cm Terry Nappy

Organic Cotton 40 x 40 cm Terry Nappy


Organic Terry Cotton, Unbleached.
Nice nappy to use on newborns.
They are thicker and more absorbent than the economy terry, they are also more hard wearing.
You will require a liner and wrap with this nappy.
You may also need a nappy nippa depending on how you fold it.
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Bamboo 60 x 60 cm Terry Nappy

Bamboo 60 x 60 cm Terry Nappy


Supersoft Cream bamboo terry.
These are a new brand of bamboo terry and are excellently bound with an edging to ensure they hold their shape.
Very absorbent and hard wearing.
Many uses other than a nappy. These also make great boosters because they are so slim yet very absorbent.
Bamboo also has natural anti-bacterial properties and so are ideal to use with babies with sensitive skin.
If using it as a nappy you will require a liner and wrap.
This would make a better birth-to-potty nappy than the terry because it is so slim.
You may also need a nappy nippa depending on how you fold it.
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Harmony Hemp Nappy Poppered

Harmony Hemp Nappy Poppered


Upto 35lbs +
The same design as the Bimble but with lovely soft hemp and organic cotton mix.
Booster comes out for quicker drying and pocket allows extra boosting.
Hemp is more absorbent than terry so the harmony nappy is more absorbent than the Bumble.
The unique removable booster, allows nappy to be folded into pouch to make a birth - potty nappy.
Becuase of the cut it is more suitable for bigger babies.
Good in the day and excellent for night-time use, particularly for heavy wetters as you may not need to boost.
You will need a wrap with these nappies.
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Tea Tree Oil 100ml

Bright Bots Trainer Pant

Bright Bots Trainer Pant


The Bright Bots Trainer pant has foam wadding and a PVC lining covered in absorbent cotton terry allowing it to hold an 'accident', but it is not designed to last any longer.
It is not as absorbent as the Motherease and Fuzzi Bunz trainer pant, and is designed to give your toddler time to get to the toilet without the embarrasment of getting wet clothes if they have had an accident.
It is a soft, comfortable pull-up style in a wide choice of colours, making them look more like proper pants.
These do save a lot of extra clothes washing when your child is learning to toilet train, particularly with 'poo' accidents.
They can also be used as normal pants once toddler has potty trained so are much better value for money.
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Motherease Swim Nappy

Motherease Swim Nappy


The Motherease swim nappiess are made of soft stretchy bathing suit material allowing water to escape, unlike a disposable swim nappy which absorbs water and weighs baby down in the water.
They are soft, thin, lightweight, comfortable, with adjustable poppers at waist and legs for fit.
Inside is the exclusive elasticized net to keep accidents contained for immediate clean up.
The side poppering also allows them to be taken off easily if they are soiled.
These also work well if swimming pools ask for an extra cover to go over a disposable nappy.

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New Products

Rainforest Babies Change Mat

Rainforest Babies Change Mat


Washable change mat:
Soft and absorbent baby flannel for the top of the changing pad (patterned side).
PUL waterproof fabric for the bottom layer (light turquoise side).
Folds compact for easy storage in your nappy bag.
Available in prints with coordinating PUL.

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